A brief (and hopefully final) non-food related post

At long last, Tigers & Strawberries is completely transferred over from Blogger — at least all the text is. Everything had transferred over safely except for the posts & comments from January through March. No matter what I did, Blogger refused to give them up.

Tonight, that changed.

Every single old T&S post is now in place. Barbara still has to categorize the posts I just successfully transferred, and I still have to update the older photos so they appear, but the hard & frustrating part is now over. Thank you all for your patience.

I know Barbara has lost a lot of folks as a result of the move, but, hopefully, that will turn around quickly. If you know of anyone who’s lost T&S, please show them in! And if they haven’t heard of the blog, well…you know what to do. 😉 (Barbara’s terrible at tooting her own horn. I’m good at tooting her horn. Erm. I mean. Uh. Nevermind.)

Now I will go away, hopefully never to be seen posting again, and I gratefully return you to your regularly scheduled food porn.

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