A Quick Health Note

Things are quiet here at Chez Barbara, as I am camped out on the couch, “relaxing.” I had my now biweekly prenatal checkup yesterday, and after months of my blood pressure being on the low end of normal, it hiked up alarmingly. So while I am not on official bedrest as I was the last […]

The Spice is Right Reminder: Back To School

This is just a quick reminder to all those spice bloggers out there that the deadline for The Spice is Right VI: Back to School is coming upon us fast. This time around, the challenge is to pick a spice that you have either never used, or know very little about, and learn about it. […]

Stir-Fried Chicken with Gai Lan and Oyster Sauce

Morganna has been mourning the loss of stir fried suppers as I have been making foods for the freezer. The truth is that as my pregnancy has progressed, the naturally occurring carpal tunnel issues in my right hand have been exascerbated by the extra fluid retention that comes with the other joys of the third […]

Meme: Five Things To Eat Before You Die–The Field and Stream Edition

Lucette of Cooking Vintage tapped me with the magic meme twanger for the meme that is travelling across the food blogosphere: “Five Things To Eat Before You Die.” Lots of folks have answered with some beautiful, unusual and local (to them) foods that are truly inspiring. But, I want to take a slightly different approach. […]

Christmas (Limas) in September (And a Rumination on Chowder)

One of the best things about the farmer’s market here in Athens is the fact that the folks here often grow unique varities of vegetables that you just don’t find in most markets, even farmer’s markets, elsewhere. For example, look at those lovely beans above. Are they not just the prettiest things? Don’t they look […]

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