Making Stock: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Warning! This post contains photographs of a graphic nature. If you are too squeamish to want to look at where your food comes from, if you cannot abide meat that looks like it came from an animal, then stop reading, move along and don’t look any further, because some of these photographs depict in graphic […]

Another Greek Casserole: Pastitsio

For those rare souls who do not love moussaka, (and this dislike usually comes about because of an aversion to eggplant–something which I cannot understand myself, but which does afflict a not insignificant number of people–like Zak) there is another Greek casserole, one that is luckily, even less trouble to make, and which tastes pretty […]

Really Good Reading Material

Thanks to Kate, the Accidental Hedonist, I was guided to read the web-version of the recent issue of The Nation, a very well-written leftist political journal, which is all about food. After checking out the link and getting caught up in reading the various articles therein, I wanted to give a little taste of it […]

A Taste Of The Action in My Kitchen Today

The photograph above gives a slight clue as to why there has been no post for the past two days: I have just been too darned busy. Luckily for my readers, most of my busyness has been in the kitchen, though I have also been working on painting furniture for the nursery and working on […]

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