Dad Went Home Today

I just wanted to give the good news that Dad went home from the hospital today around six pm, and he finally ate some dinner, and gets to sleep in his own living room (he is going to sleep in his reclining chair rather than his bed, because he needs to be propped up), much […]

Dad’s Surgery Went Well

Another quick update, which I tried to write last night, but the wireless internet at the hotel was acting wonky, so I never got to do the post. Dad came through the surgery fine. They fractured his sternum when they cut it and used the spreaders–so he has extra wire to hold it together, and […]

Update On Dad

This is just a quick post to update folks on what is happening with my family. Dad’s triple bypass surgery is on Monday. Zak, Morganna, Kat and I will be going to Charleston on Sunday–I will have been taking my antibiotics for a full week, so any chance that my sinus infection would be a […]

Family Health Issue Alert

I just found out today that my Dad will have to have a triple bypass surgery either Friday or Monday, so I probably will not be posting much, if at all, until things settle down. Thank you all for your patience–and thanks to everyone, including the folks of Athens who voted in The Best of […]

Almost Vegetarian, Vegetarian and Vegan Archives Finished

The work of going through all of my nearly three years worth of posts and adding the relevant ones to the newly created “Recipes: Almost Vegetarian, Vegetarian and Vegan” category is finished. The archives are duly cataloged, and it should be simpler for those looking for straight up vegetarian or vegan recipes or non-vegetarian recipes […]

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