Making Stock: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Warning! This post contains photographs of a graphic nature. If you are too squeamish to want to look at where your food comes from, if you cannot abide meat that looks like it came from an animal, then stop reading, move along and don’t look any further, because some of these photographs depict in graphic […]

Valentine’s Day for Cynics

I really should have posted this last night, but I thought I would show my sweet side on Valentine’s Day. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I can give you a taste of the real me: the cynic. I don’t really like Valentine’s Day, and I never did. Not only is […]

Sugar High Friday #13: The Dark Side

It is my birthday. I am forty years old today. And what better way to celebrate than to enter a blogging event: my very first Sugar High Friday? This one is hosted by Kelli at Lovescool, where she asks us to turn to the dark side–of chocolate, I mean. She asks that we do something […]

Stewing in Fusion

I’m weird. Although I am always improvising and “winging it” when it comes to cooking, I don’t much like the idea of “fusion food.” Part of the reason I am not into culinary fusions is because I have had a lot of dishes that should have been called “confusion food.” Stuff that just seemed to […]

Herbs de Provence

I don’t tend to use a lot of different spice blends; I tend to make my own, particularly when it comes to Indian, Mexican, Chinese and Thai foods. But, sometimes I pick something up at Penzey’s because I like the smell of it, or it seems appealing in some way, or I end up getting […]

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