That’s like from a song and stuff. I don’t normally stutter, but well, things have been a bit odd around here in Tigers & Strawberriesland, and I wanted to let everyone know why, finally.

First of all, I stepped down as an editor on the Well Fed blogs The Paper Palate, and the new Food Bound. I hated having to do this, because I worked hard putting these blogs together, creating the writer’s guidelines, putting together a staff and working with the writers–as well as doing a good bit of writing myself, but I had to do it, because I didn’t think it was fair to the folks at Well Fed for me to continue, since big changes were coming my way.

It seems, that at the age of forty, I have become pregnant. This was not planned–but it is not unwelcome, either. In fact, two years ago, Zak and I had tried to get pregnant, and did, only to suffer a miscarriage at about ten weeks. This was a devastating experience (here is a clue–if a friend or a loved one suffers a miscarriage–don’t try to comfort her by saying, “You can always have another.” It isn’t comforting and it doesn’t help–just so you know), but we did try for a full year and a half to get me pregnant again to no avail.

We had given up.

And six months later, I became pregnant, much to our surprise. At first, I was terrified–because I was taking medication for a sleep disorder that I was afraid would affect fetal development. I stopped taking it immediately, and then found out from the doctors that we were probably fine, so long as I didn’t take the medication until after the baby was born and I was finished breast-feeding.

Then, I was nervous, because, well, women who have had miscarriages–well, we become wary creatures.

Now that I am entering the second trimester, and have seen ultrasounds of the baby and the placenta, all developing normally–well, I am finally happy and excited.

I’m going to be a Mom again.

And Zak is thrilled–he gets to be a Daddy, finally. Not just a stepdad, but a real, live, Daddy.

So–that is the big news.

Now you know why I have had trouble writing about food–because food and I, for about a month and a half–well, we were not on good terms. When I am pregnant, I don’t have morning sickness; I have morningnoonandnight sickness. And it is that kind of nausea where you just want to die, but you never, ever throw up. There is no relief. So, I cooked really bland, boring foods–things that would least upset my fragile equilibrium. And frankly, rice and mashed potatoes and all of those things–they are not much fun to read about three times a week.

Hence book reviews, essays and though-provoking posts that are sort of about food, but don’t require lots of cooking.

I was also really, really tired all of the time, so that is why I haven’t been as assiduous about posting every day.

Now, you know. The mystery is solved.

As for how this will change Tigers & Strawberries–I think it will only broaden the scope of what I write about. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to food, nutrition, pregnancy and children. Kids nutritional needs are different than adults, and I definately do have thoughts on this topic, and now have a perfectly good reason to start airing those thoughts.

But don’t worry. It won’t all be bodily functions, breastfeeding and baby talk from here on out.

Now that the nausea is beginning to subside (thank God–I was beginning to fear that it would continue into the fourth month like it did with Morganna), I will return to my usual adventurous cooking, and will get down to the business of writing my step by step lessons on how to stir fry tofu and chicken, as I promised long ago.

So, there you have it. I have ‘fessed up and the mystery is solved.


Now, I have to post this and turn off the computer, before the power goes out!

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