The Chinese Cookbook Project

The beginnings of the Chinese Cookbook Project It all started with my daughter. She wanted to learn to cook Chinese food. And she wanted a wok and a rice cooker of her very own for Generic Winter Holiday. Now, if she lived with me, all of this would be much simpler. She wouldn’t need her […]

Hillbillies, Greens and Pigs

West Virginia is a weird place. Anyplace that is known for moonshiners and Mothman is bound to be seen as a tad bit odd. But I am not talking about hillbillies and banjos here. Well, not directly, anyway. I am talking about food and culture. I can hear it now–you are laughing and saying, “West […]

Book Review: The Story of Corn

The Story of Corn Betty Fussell North Point Press: New York, New York 1992 Winner of the IACP Jane Grigson Award 1993 Out of Print This book isn’t a cookbook, but it is a book that cooks might enjoy. It is a book that unlocks the cultural history of that most American of crops: corn. […]

An Evening With Grace Young

I remember the first time I saw Grace Young’s first book, The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen. I worked at the Borders Bookstore in Columbia, Maryland in the café as a barista. That wasn’t all I did, of course–I also was a personal chef and had just started teaching Asian cookery through Howard County Parks […]


If I were to open a restaurant, Tigers and Strawberries would be the name I would choose. It is in reference to an old Buddhist koan which goes something like this: Once, a young monk was sent forth from the monastery to carry a message to another monastery far away. As he walked through the […]

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