The Culinary Nerd Plays Free Rice…And Plays, And Plays, And Plays…

Hello, my name is Barbara, I am a Culinary Nerd, and I have a problem. With addiction. I can’t stop playing Free Rice. Why? Well, besides the fact that it is a vocabulary game that tests your language skills by giving you words, and then four choices of definition, which, for a literary nerd like […]

Confessions of an Alpha Cook

As a special Valentine’s Day treat, the New York Times printed an article entitled, “He Cooks. She Stews. It’s Love.” Basically, it is about the power struggles married or cohabiting couples experience in the kitchen when it comes to daily meal preparation, cleanup, entertaining and just plain chores. Naming the primary cook in a couple […]

My Kitchen Saint

I suppose it should come to no surprise to anyone that Julia Child is my Kitchen Saint, since just this summer I wrote about my experience going on a pilgrimage to see her kitchen, which is ensconced in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. But, since I cook primarily Asian foods, most particularly Chinese. […]

A Taste Of The Action in My Kitchen Today

The photograph above gives a slight clue as to why there has been no post for the past two days: I have just been too darned busy. Luckily for my readers, most of my busyness has been in the kitchen, though I have also been working on painting furniture for the nursery and working on […]

The Culinary Nerd Takes Her Friends Shopping

Here is the final installment of the tale of the Culinary Nerd and her friends gallivanting in the Baltimore/DC area. First, I want to apologize for not contacting either the bloggers out in that area, or the folks whom I have not seen there in ages; I didn’t want to further complicate the visit, which […]

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