Sabz Kofta in Rich Curry Sauce

Two of my favorite Indian vegetarian dishes are malai kofta and sabz kofta; malai kofta is a vegetable kofta made with cheese mixed with mashed or grated vegetables and bread crumbs, and sabz are kofta made from grated vegetables mixed with garbanzo flour, also known as besan. (Kofta are little balls of meat, cheese or […]

Our Kitchens, Our Selves

Being a personal chef was a really fun, but sometimes, very weird gig. It was fun, in that I got to meet quite a few very interesting people, and I cooked a lot of dishes I would never otherwise have cooked. It was weird, in that I got to go into people’s homes, and get […]

The Pantry Evolves

A little more than a month ago, I posted about my pantry and how disorganized and messy it was. A bunch of kind folks commented to let me know that my pantry wasn’t that godawful and I should really not worry overmuch about it. But, you know, due to a genetic flaw from the Bavarian […]

Weekend Herb Blogging: Curry Leaves

I first came across curry leaves in Columbia, Maryland, in an Indian grocery store. Set in the cooler, next to quarts of yogurt and packages of paneer were these glossy almond-shaped, deep green leaves, set alternately on gracefully curved narrow stems. They looked somewhat like bay leaves, but they were not leathery enough in texture–these […]

Zak’s Favorite Curry: Mattar Paneer

Last week was the first time I ever made Zak’s favorite curry, mattar paneer, which is Indian cheese with peas. Now, I love Zak, very, very much. But I never bothered with his favorite curry, because I never really much liked it myself, and here is why: I really dislike peas. Or, rather, I used […]

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