From Garden to Table: Vietnamese Style Grilled Beef and Pork in a Bowl

Yeah, I know that the title of the recipe involves beef and pork, but really those aren’t the stars of the show. The stars of the show are all of the local vegetables and herbs that go into the bowl on top of the steamed broken rice, long before the grilled beef and pork even […]

Thai-Vietnamese Summer Salad Rolls

When it is so hot and humid and sticky that you cannot bear to turn on the stove, and the thought of eating something warm makes you vaguely queasy, salads are the traditional cold food solution in the West. But, you know, I really like one of the Eastern takes on the matter, because not […]

Cooking the Soul Food of Vietnam: Kho

From what I have read and heard from Vietnamese friends, kho dishes are -the- comfort foods of their cuisine. This fairly broad category of dishes consist of braises, either long or short-simmered, which are primarily seasoned with nouc mau and fish sauce. These two sauces combine and cook down into a thick, gooey dark russet-brown […]

What To Do With Nuoc Mau: Stir-Fried Chicken with Lemongrass and Chilies

Now that I have about a cup or so of dark bittersweet delishousness in my fridge, I have to cook with it. While kuo dishes–braised dishes with gooey reddish brown salty-sweet sauce are one of the main uses of nuoc mau in the Vietnamese kitchen, the first recipe I tried was a stir-fry. Like I […]

The Essential Vietnamese Sauce: Nuoc Mau

It looks rather like sorghum molasses, or espresso with a swirled froth of reddish gold crema on top. But it is neither of these things. It is dark, it is deep, it consists of two ingredients, and while it is simple to make it is not easy. And, it is an essential component to many […]

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