Hilarie’s Favorite: Butternut Dal

This is one of those recipes that was a moment’s inspiration. It came about because Hilarie had scored a big load of fresh, locally grown butternut squash at the restaurant, and wanted me to make a dinner special using them. Now, we had already had butternut squash soup, which I had made a week and […]

In The Elevator…

Grist, the online environmental magazine, asked a bunch of leaders in the sustainable agriculture and food movement to imagine that they somehow managed to share an elevator with President-Elect Barack Obama. While riding together, each person has one minute of Obama’s undivided attention in which to present their ideas involving food and farming. What would […]

Because Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough: Black Forest Cheesecake

When I found out that Kim, one of the servers at Restaurant Salaam, was going to have a birthday and that she loved cheesecake, I asked her if she would like me to make one for her as a gift. Her eyes lit up and she nodded avidly. Dan, the usual recipient of a different […]

Cooking From The Pantry

Finally, I Can Write About Food Again

I have been crying, off and on for five days. Out of anxiety, trepidation, exhaustion, joy and pride, for nearly the past week, tears will clog my throat and dim my vision at odd moments. A song, a word, a face, a thought–all of these will inspire the overwhelming flow of emotions welling up in […]

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