Our Kitchens, Our Selves

Being a personal chef was a really fun, but sometimes, very weird gig. It was fun, in that I got to meet quite a few very interesting people, and I cooked a lot of dishes I would never otherwise have cooked. It was weird, in that I got to go into people’s homes, and get […]

Thoughts on Kitchen Remodeling and Design

Before we undertook to redo the kitchen in this house, I did research. Mostly this consisted of looking at kitchen design magazines. And while looking at photographs of gorgeous kitchens from all over the world, I realized a few things about myself that I had never articulated before. One of them was that I don’t […]

The AGA is Installed

After the dust has settled and the drama is done, our kitchen is fully functional. All that is left to do is the cosmetic stuff, like putting on the outlet and switchplate covers–which came today and look fantastic and match the cabinet hardware perfectly. The still unnamed AGA is in place, hooked up and working. […]

Kitchen Drama

It had all been going so well. So smoothly, so…easy. But, this morning when the installer came in, he said, “They didn’t leave enough room for your stove.” It is off by a half inch. So, they have to move the cabinets to the left of the stove over to the doorframe. Then, take up […]

The AGA is HERE!

Hey, it looks like it is safe to post again, so here I am. Letting you know that the AGA, along with the refrigerator, the microwave and the Ventahood have arrived, safe and sound and are in the kitchen. The installer will come on Thursday and bring the dishwasher with him. While the delivery men […]

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