Kitchen Drama

It had all been going so well. So smoothly, so…easy.

But, this morning when the installer came in, he said, “They didn’t leave enough room for your stove.”

It is off by a half inch.

So, they have to move the cabinets to the left of the stove over to the doorframe.

Then, take up the bullnose tiles on the end and place three regular tiles, cut about 1/4 inch narrower, in their place to make the tiles once again even with the countertop.

And, the hanging kit that was supposed to come with the microwave didn’t come.

So, yeah. Things have suddenly gotten all messy.

But, I have confidence that it will all work out fine.



The carpenter moved the cabinet, but the tiles look fine where they are.

However, there are going to have to be some partial tiles put in a row under the hood, and the microwave–or under the microwave, they need to put some trim or something.

But the stove will fit, once they have installed the hood.

I am so happy I got a counter-depth fridge, because it sticks out anyway, because of the water line behind it. Of course, I figure that the contractors could tell that, but, apparently not.

And the undercabinet lights were put in backwards from the plan so they look a bit odd.

Other than that–it is fine and I will be able to cook on the stove tonight. That is, if nothing else goes awry.

Which–it might.

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  1. Remember that at the darkest hour the light will soon blaze forth. Your darkest hour will soon pass and the light and joy you will spread from your new kitchen will soon be at hand 🙂

    Comment by Nerissa — December 8, 2005 #

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