Cooking Ahead: The Slacker Method

There’s a blog post called “Freezer Meals on the Cheap” that’s going around the ‘net these days that has some good advice for cooking and filling your freezer with food so that you can have “fast food” that is still home-cooked for days when life is too hectic for you to even think about cooking. […]

We are BACK!

Hello all, Dan here, as if Barbara has any luck at all, she’s asleep by now. Sorry about the delay.  I’ll let Barbara fill you in on the details as she sees fit tomorrow, but just to let you know where we went for a few days there… We got hacked. Someone had inserted some […]

A Cook’s Tool for the iPad: The Recipe Box

You know, I’m not really technophobic. I mean, I use a Macbook to write my blog, and I’ve been using a digital camera for nearly a decade and I can even get this complicated television set-up we have here to do what I want it to do, and on top of it all, I do […]

Julie & Julia Gets People Into the Bookstores…And The Kitchen

Sometimes, I am just all late and wrong. Last night is the first time my girls and I (my daughter Morganna, the 19 year old line cook, and her best friend Brittney, the 18 year old line cook) could get together and get away to see Nora Ephron’s film, Julie & Julia. Which means, since […]

In The Elevator…

Grist, the online environmental magazine, asked a bunch of leaders in the sustainable agriculture and food movement to imagine that they somehow managed to share an elevator with President-Elect Barack Obama. While riding together, each person has one minute of Obama’s undivided attention in which to present their ideas involving food and farming. What would […]

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