More Fermented Fun: Cultured Butter

I promised more fermented goodies in the near future. Specifically cultured butter. What is cultured butter? Butter that went to finishing school and went on to get a MFA from the Chicago Art Institute? No. It’s butter made from cream that has either been allowed to ripen over several days without the addition of any […]

Let’s Get Cultured: Making Yogurt

Long time readers probably know that I love to cook with yogurt, and that it appears in a great many of my recipes. I use it in mashed potatoes, curries, baked goods, pancakes, sauces, cheese dishes and lots of cold salads and raitas. It is, in fact a staple in my kitchen, so right before […]

When All Goes Awry…

Today was the day for catastrophic housekeeping failures. And my best friend (and partner in film making crime) Dan said I should make a blog post of it, so that all of my loyal readers can discover that even The Culinary Nerd has her off day in the kitchen. That way they can take heart […]

Creme Fraiche: Tastier Than Sour Cream, and Easy to Make

Creme fraiche is nothing other than French sour cream, a cultured dairy product made of nothing but heavy cream and some happy bacteria. It’s a good introduction to making your own cultured dairy products, too, as it is beyond simple, since you barely have to heat the cream above room temperature and add either some […]

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