Making Aprons

Last year, I wrote a post singing the praises of vintage and new aprons which were worn by home cooks–our Grandmas, Moms, Aunts and which were at one time ubiquitous in the American kitchen. The apron revival I wrote about then is still going strong, and there are more and more people making new aprons […]

Holiday Week Woes Update

Fear not. Morganna’s ultrasound, like her CT scan, turned out perfectly normal. Her white cell count is still not elevated, and her pain is gone, as is her general malaise and nausea. She is, in a word, fine. When the ER doctor suggested it was a virus, I was skeptical, but Morganna’s regular doctor said […]

Salmon Baked With Yogurt and Coriander Chutney

I know that salmon is not native to India. It is a cold-water fish, native to the northern Pacific, northern Atlantic and the chill rivers where they spawn. But, it is an awfully tasty fish, and we happened to have quite a few fillets of it in the freezer at Restaurant Salaam, and I needed […]

Chicken With Gai Lan

Gai lan, as regular readers probably already know, is one of my favorite vegetables. Often known in English as either Chinese broccoli or Chinese kale, this green has thick, crisp stems and fleshy leaves, and has a unique, sweet flavor that is only barely akin to the tastes of either of its American vegetable cognates. […]

Holiday Week Woes

I have a nearly finished post, with just the recipe left to write, that I was working on last Monday, but I never got to post it, because I took Morganna to the doctor, who then sent us to the ER. She was having severe abdominal pain, and he thought it might be appendicitis–and it […]

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