It’s All About The Chew: Sichuan Dry-Fried Beef

And you thought I had abandoned Chinese cookery, didn’t you? Ha! Nothing of the sort. Just because I have started doing research on recipes from along the Silk Road for work, doesn’t mean I am going to permanently turn my back on my greatest culinary love. No–I just have to multi-task! Morganna, who has been […]

Harissa: It’s Moroccan, It’s Red, and It’s Hot!

Some like it hot–and some not. I like stuff hot, and as longtime readers of this blog should have figured by now, I will put chilies into anything, including chocolate truffles and brownies. So, of course, since I am learning about and cooking Moroccan foods these days, it only stands to reason that I would […]

Tangier White Bean and Kale Soup: Poteje Tangirois

Working at Salaam has given me the opportunity to research the foods of the Middle East, North Africa, Greece, Turkey, and other countries all along the Silk Road. This is very exciting to me, because at the same time as I am researching recipes and cuisines for the restaurant, Zak is writing a novel which […]

A Holiday Sauce Worth Waiting For: Cranberry Sauce with Mulled Wine and Pomegranates

Zak and Morganna don’t like homemade cranberry sauce. They like the jellied kind that comes in cans. I am the exact opposite. I despise the weird jiggly stuff that unmolds in the perfect shape of a can, and which must be sliced to be served, and love the homemade stuff with chunks of fruit and […]

Talking Turkey: Please Don’t Kill The Bird Twice

Cooking turkey intimidates a lot of people. I used to be the same way, and then I went to culinary school, and got over my fears of the giant bird. I got over my fears not only because I learned a lot of useful stuff when it comes to successfully roasting large fowl, but also […]

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