Dissing the Dim Sum

So, two days ago, I wrote about food and politics in the US. Today, I will write a bit about food and politics in China. Currently in China, there are to big fracases going on that have the populace irritable. One is Japan’s ascention to the UN Security Council, which, because of Japan’s official minimization […]

Politics and Food: The Personal is Political

Kate, the fine author of one of my daily must-reads, The Accidental Hedonist, recently posted a link to a column by Mark Morford decrying the “food” and atmosphere that is found in the typical gigantic American supermarket. A reader responded with this quote: “What does republican have to do with this rant – albeit his […]

A Baking Mood

Harvest Fruit Bread is filled with nuts, whole grains, seeds, cranberries and apples and is flavored with honey, cardamom and cinnamon. It goes very nicely with cream cheese blended with honey and walnuts. A mood has come upon me. A baking mood. I am having the urge to fire up the oven and bake tasty […]

Eating Bitter, Part Three: From India with Love

Stir-frying bitter melon with onions, garlic and ginger in preparation to add it to already cooked keema sookh. Hey, so you knew I would have to do one more meal with bitter melon, right? Because they are pretty perishable, I had to use up my store of them before they went to that great vegetable […]

Vindaloo Voodoo

Chicken Vindaloo with Mangoes. So, finally, I get to participate in a food blog event! Finally, I am settled enough to do it. Yes! So, the theme of this time’s “Is My Blog Burning” event, hosted by Foodgoat, is, “Orange You Hungry?” Participants are to post a recipe of something that comes out colored orange, […]

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