Up Close and Personal With Kimchi

Kimchi is considered the national dish of Korea. This broad category of lactic-acid fermented pickles is made of a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and sometimes seafoods, all brined in salt, flavored with herbs, garlic, ginger, and often, liberal amounts of red chili peppers. Some people find the array of types of kimchi intimidating; I […]

Super Quick Injury Update: I’m Fine!

I wanted to let folks know that the pierced finger is pretty well healed. It hurt like crazy; the only reason I didn’t yelp when it happened was because I knew Kat had just gotten to sleep and I didn’t want to wake her up! But, it is fine now–just two little pinprick holes–one through […]

Creating Your Own Foolproof Chinese Stir-Fry–Step One: The Main Ingredients

I could subtitle this post: What to Put in Your Wok. But, I will refrain. But, the first thing you need to think about when you set forth to use Barbara’s Rules of Three, is what it is you want for dinner. Which, in many cases, is determined by what is in the pantry, fridge […]

I’ll Write a Post Tomorrow.

I tried to write a post today. Really, I did. But it was utter drivel. I think it has to do with trying to type with a finger that was pierced by a sewing machine needle last night. Or maybe it could be the lingering headache I have from a fall I took this morning. […]

Creating Your Own Foolproof Chinese Stir Fry: Introducing Barbara’s Rules of Three

I’ve been thinking a lot recently, in large part, because with a nursing infant in my lap, I do a lot of sitting still. And since I am not particularly good at sitting still and doing nothing, I let my brain wander as it will. Some part of my person, at least, gets to move, […]

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