What Would You Eat For Your Last Meal?

I was asked by a reader to contemplate what I would like to have for my final meal, if I could plan such a thing. That is a hard one. Not that I dislike the idea of contemplating death–having faced it once or twice in my life, I am not particularly disturbed by the thought […]

The Intermediate Chinese Pantry

Six months ago, I wrote a post entitled “Staple Ingredients of the Chinese Pantry” where I listed the basic must have goodies for a budding Chinese cook. And the post was a great success, and it helped a lot of folks out and almost immediately, readers were asking for a follow-up on what to buy […]

Morganna: The Adventures of an Ethical Omnivore in Training

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Food in the News: Organic, Ethical and Fast, And a Bit on Bees

I have a lot of food-related news you can use today, from sources far and wide. First up, a major study from the University of Michigan has found that organic farming has the potential to feed the world, because it can provide up to three times as much food in the same amount of land […]

Making Baby-Safe Curries the Whole Family Will Love

As regular readers have probably already gleaned, Kat has an amazingly open mind (and mouth) when it comes to solid foods. I did try, sort of, to introduce the foods suggested by typical American baby books and pediatricians to Kat: rice cereal, bananas, and other bland fare, but she just really didn’t much care for […]

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