Masoor Dal With Baby Vegetables

When I was a child, I had a fascination with little things. I collected miniature figurines of animals, and my favorite dolls were tiny–small enough to fit in my palm. On the shore of Lake Erie on visits to my aunt and uncle’s home, I would collect the shells of tiny bivalves and snails, delighting […]

Is Cooking For Your Family “Retrograde June Cleaver Nonsense?”

So, I was reading Slashfood today, and came upon this post highlighting an article in the New York Times written by a working mom who has made the choice to cook healthy dinners for her family almost every night. In “Mom Puts Family on a Meal Plan”, author Leslie Kauffman relates how she, as a […]

Baigan Methi

I may not like summer heat, being as I tend to wilt when temperatures soar above eighty degrees, but I sure love summer. Why? Because of all the delicious locally grown produce, of course. Especially heat lovers like eggplant, known in Hindi as baigan. Look at those gorgeous little Asian eggplants up there: shiny dark […]

Farmer’s Market Find, Part II: Local Chevre

I love having the gift of being able to sense the new goodies at the farmer’s market here in Athens. I really do. It is almost a sixth sense–an ability to ferret out the newest local foods that our farmers and food producers have brought to market, so that I can bring them home to […]

Seekh Kebab: Punjabi Comfort Food

Eating Indian food out can be a wonderful experience; it can also be an experience filled with frustration. Much of my problem with eating Indian food out is that when we lived in Maryland, I became used to eating at a truly excellent Indian restaurant where the food was consistently excellent. In fact, the way […]

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