Meatless Monda–I Mean, Tuesday: Three Sisters Quesadillas

Yeah, I know, I know, Meatless Monday happens on Mondays, which is why they call it “Meatless Monday.” Yeah, well, I’d already written about shallots on Monday, so guess what–we’re going to talk about what we ate for Meatless Monday on Tuesday, which perhaps we shall now call Traife Tuesday. (I had to go with […]

Summer Berry Crisp

This recipe is not an original; I adapted it from a recipe I found on All Recipes a while back and have meant to make it ever since. But, until last weekend, when I was presented with a stellar combination of summer fruits–the last of the summer’s blueberries, fresh wild blackberries, both golden and red […]

Soup Is A Truly Frugal Dish: Broccoli-Cheese and Kale Soup

Soup is not only one of the most soul-satisfying meals out there, but it is also generally truly frugal. I grew up eating a lot of home-made soups, and all of them started off as ways to make use of leftovers, or something that we had in surplus, or were made to feed a lot […]

Peasant Food is Good Food: Beans and Rice

There is a song by Spearhead that I love, and it goes (in part) like this: “….The way to my heart/ is with a garlic clove it smells hella sexy/ when it’s on the kitchen stove (chorus) Red beans and rice, red beans and rice, red beans and rice, make everything nice red beans and […]

Green Salad with Chevre, Black Walnuts, Apples and Pomegranate Vinaigrette

This very picturesque salad was a collaborative effort between Morganna and I, and it typifies all that I believe a salad should be–a beautiful combination of flavors, color, textures and aromas which beguile the senses while retaining an essential simplicity of presentation which is still lyrically aesthetic. I made the dressing, and came up with […]

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