Happy Generic Winter Holiday: Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last week, while I was taking a bath and Kat was assisting by throwing rubber duckies into the tub on top of me, I decided to attempt to distract her by telling her that we were going to start making cookies this week for the holidays. And she said my favorite word in the English […]

Fruity Monkey Nut Cookies

I know what you are thinking, and you have a dirty mind. I will have you know that in this house, monkey nuts are not what you think they are, they are peanuts. And it is all Cathy MacLennan’s fault. She is the author of two of Kat’s favorite picture books, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey and […]

A Christmas Gift For Caffiends: BuzzBarz

Every year around Christmas, I try to come up with a new cookie recipe or two to add to the already copious list of cookies I make every year. This year, I didn’t get started baking until, oh, yesterday, so that curtailed my explorations in cookiedom. However, I did manage to adapt a recipe from […]

By Special Request: Aztec Gold Brownies

Chiles are one of my favorite fruits and flavoring agents in the entire culinary universe. As far as I am concerned, they are among the most versatile of ingredients, and can allow the cook to play with a range of flavor, color, heat and aroma that very few other ingredients can manage. As a result […]

Oatmeal Cookies: Homely, Humble And Just Darned Tasty

Some of my favorite dishes are not very appealing to look at. Some of them are downright ugly. Shepherd’s pie is that way. So is split pea soup. Many dishes with beans and southern cooked greens are less than attractive–one glance at the beans, ribs and greens in my Hillbilly Deluxe Dinner (you pronounce that […]

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