Greek Salad

I love salads, especially in the summertime. And they are so easy, so simple really, but I have found that often, the simplest recipes are the ones which can go the most awry if a careless cook takes “simple” to mean “I don’t need to give this any thought, and so I can just throw […]

Kids and Food in the News Again

I noticed a few stories here and there about kids and food as I perused various news outlets and thought some of them were definately worth bringing to the attention of the blogosphere. The first one is rather interesting, at least to a former and soon to be again, breastfeeding mother, though technically, it is […]

Making Moussaka

When I was pregnant with Morganna, there was one dish I craved continually, and for a while, I ate it at least twice a week. Moussaka. For those who have never had moussaka, it is generally considered to be a Greek dish, though, in truth, there are versions of it from Turkey, and the Balkan […]

Preparing for Kat’s Arrival: Sewing, Cooking and Freezing

As I have come into the third trimester of my pregnancy with Kat, I have come to a few determinations. One is that pregnancy is much easier on a 24-year-old body than it is on a 40-year-old body. This does not mean that I regret having Kat; it just means that I am noticing a […]

Women, Memories and Food: A Trio of Book Reviews

After reading and enjoying Shoba Narayan’s Monsoon Diary: A Memoir With Recipes, I remember thinking to myself that I wished that there were more books like it out there. Of course, there are countless culinary memoirs out there, from Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential to Ruth Reichel’s epic trilogy chronicling her rise as a shining star […]

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