Weekend Cat Blogging: Two New Kitties….

So, during my nearly year-long vacation from writing, our house was blessed with the arrival of two cats. And when I say arrival, I mean it–we didn’t plan to add two cats to our household–far from it. But two stray cats had other ideas. The first to show up was the fellow you see in […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Schmoo In His Natural Habitat

Yes, I just had an old photo of Schmoo as my illustration for the last post, the one about books. So, why am I posting this one I took earlier this week? So you can see how much Schmoo has grown. And, so you can see him in his natural habitat–the bathroom sink. I think […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: The King Lives (In Memory, At Least)

I had to post about this, because it is so cute. In the photo to the left, you see two of our beloved departed cats, Ozy, the big grey King of Cats, and Tristan, his best friend. They died within months of each other last year, both at ripe old ages. Kat, even though she […]

Sewing And Craft Projects Part One: My First Rag Quilt

Since folks asked, I guess that I will post pictures and explanations of some of my recent sewing projects on Saturdays and leave Sundays for Weekend Kat Blogging, with the weekdays reserved for all things food and culinary. Since I get most of my foodie traffic on weekdays, this arrangement should satisfy just about everyone, […]

Weekend Whale Blogging: “. . . from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.”

Okay, really, I cannot imagine the cheerful plastic Ahab who is sitting on Schmoo’s back saying that, but still. It is a great quote. And a tagline for a great photograph, courtesy of Brittany and Morganna. I would say poor Schmoo, but really, he didn’t care that he was having stuff placed upon his person […]

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