Weekend Cat Blogging: Schmoo In His Natural Habitat

Yes, I just had an old photo of Schmoo as my illustration for the last post, the one about books.

So, why am I posting this one I took earlier this week?

So you can see how much Schmoo has grown.

And, so you can see him in his natural habitat–the bathroom sink.

I think he believes the sink is a Schmoo nest.

He sleeps in it. And curls up in it, and lounges, washes his paws and generally looks ridiculous.

And if you turn on the water, he doesn’t run away–that just makes it all the more interesting.



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  1. My cat loves, but LOVES to sit in my damp bathtub. Yes there is the oh-so-exciting drain to drink out of, but best yet, the porcelain radiating lovely warmth for him to soak up. He’ll stay there long after it has cooled off, nested into its smooth curves. Weird cat (or is that redundant?).

    Comment by Diane — March 29, 2009 #

  2. My cat used to do this all the time in my old house. Apparently the sinks here aren’t good enough, but that’s fine with me. It used to be impossible to have a hair free vanity for putting in my contacts.

    Comment by Zebe912 — March 29, 2009 #

  3. Schmooooooooooo!

    I have to say that is a lotta cat to love.

    Maggie, my crazy half-Siamese, used to be fascinated by faucets – she would come running when I started to draw a bath.

    She used to walk on the tub rim when I was in it – stopped after she slipped and fell in. She was in and out mighty fast. I couldn’t stop laughing, although I was at some risk of having my exposed ladybits shredded.

    Comment by Charlotte — March 29, 2009 #

  4. Charlotte: My (half-siamese) cat not only comes running when I draw a bath, he comes running whenever he hears the bathroom door open or close or the toilet seat go up – under the theory that if I am in the bathroom there might, just MIGHT be some bathing going on that he might be missing out on.

    Comment by Diane — March 30, 2009 #

  5. Schmoo looks like he and our two could be long-lost siblings.

    Comment by Lexica — March 30, 2009 #

  6. I sent this to my Mom this week because she has a crazy cat named blizzard who is the same.


    Comment by jo — March 31, 2009 #

  7. Not sure if my cats are waterphiles, but one of them is fascinated by the vacuum cleaner. I can vacuum right next to her and she’ll just watch. She won’t let me vacuum her, though, which is a shame, because she has been shedding a bit too much for my taste lately.

    Comment by class factotum — April 2, 2009 #

  8. Class–all of our cats are terrified of the vacuum cleaner, I think because they believe that the vacuum sucks kitties’ souls and send them straight to kitty Purgatory.

    Except Cordelia, who is not afraid of anything. She chases the vacuum cleaner.

    Comment by Barbara — April 2, 2009 #

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