Orlando, Florida, and Other “Enlightened” Cities Say, “Please Don’t Feed The Homeless.”

Or, at least not in large numbers, in downtown city parks near downtown city buildings. You know those awful homeless people, they clutter up the place and scare away the tourists. And if you feed them in city parks, you simply entice more of them to congregate there. What happens in Orlando if you go […]

The Sticky Issue of Food Sovereignty : An Old Locavore Speaks Up

There’s a new bit of locavore lingo on the scene: “food sovereignty.” What it refers to is the ability of individuals to safely sell and buy locally produced foods such as raw milk, or farm-slaughtered meats without having to fear prosecution for violating federal or state laws regulating such foods. Two communities in New England […]

Voting on Issue 2 In Ohio

I have long been pondering the case of Issue 2: a ballot initiative meant to make an amendment to the Ohio Constitution which would create a board of professionals appointed by the governor and the legislature, to make policy and oversee the humane treatment of animals in Ohio farms, as well as making and implementing […]

Why Does Lou Dobbs Hate Vegetables?

OK, that is a sensationalist headline. I’m sure Lou Dobbs, the controversial CNN commentator who doesn’t much care for illegal immigrants doesn’t actually hate vegetables. A more accurate headline would be, “Why Does Lou Dobbs See a Conspiracy In The Lunch Trays of The Baltimore City School System?” But it just isn’t as catchy, so […]

Eating Mostly Locally: Vegetarian Ramen for Lunch

I know that many of people approach eating locally with a mentality of deprivation. They discuss what they will give up while they endeavor to eat locally, usually for a set period of time, whether a week, a month or a day, They talk about having “exceptions” to their vow to eat locally, usually three, […]

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