When the Weather Outside is Frightful…

…and your headache’s far from delightful, and your throat is sore, you know, blow your nose, blow your nose, blow your nose…. Yeah, I made that up just now. I have a gift for making up alternate lyrics to popular tunes on the fly. It’s a pretty useless talent, but it is amusing. It might […]

Making Mondays Meatless

I know that the Meatless Monday campaign promoted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has been in the media a lot recently, but I still wanted to present it to my readers because not only is it a good idea for our personal health to eat less meat, it is good for our […]

Gobi Mattar:Purple Cauliflower and Pea Curry

Now, you know, purple cauliflower has -got- to be better than plain old white cauliflower. I mean, it -is- purple. And purple makes everything better. Purple hair–better. Purple paint–better. Purple cauliflower–better. Yeah, that is just my emotional, aesthetic sense talking. There is no reason to believe that purple cauliflower is actually better for you, right? […]

Tigers and Strawberries–A Probable Change of Focus

I’ll just spit it out. I have been ill–for a while, although for the past few weeks, it has been worse. And, luckily, my doctor has probably figured out what is wrong with me and has narrowed our focus down to three possibilities, all of them necessitating diet and lifestyle changes. One, that we know […]

Food in the News: Junk Food, Plain and Simple

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged an article in the New York Times about food manufacturers returning to the use of cane sugar in their foods and then touting these products as being more healthful than foods produced with high fructose corn syrup. And, in my post, I noted that while high fructose corn […]

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