The Last Local Supper?

So, this is it–the end of the 2006 Eat Local Challenge. Does this mean that I am finished with the topic of eating locally? Are you kidding? I mean, look at the beautiful produce I had to work with for tonight’s supper: Siam Queen Thai basil, fresh shiitake mushrooms, garlic scapes and look–is that? Could […]

Announcing the Green Blog Project

I read about this event on Mahanandi, and it sounded so good, I wanted to promote it here, too. L.G. of Mango and Ginger is hosting this long-term food blog event, The Green Blog Project that is open to everyone. What are the rules? All she wants you to do is grow something edible in […]

The Downside of Really Fresh, Local Eggs

You knew that there would be a downside to all of this eating local stuff, didn’t you? And there is. The big one I remembered this afternoon, as I was making lunch for myself was the fact that it is nearly impossible to make pretty devilled eggs from extremely fresh, pastured eggs. As you can […]

Leftovers For Breakfast

I love juxtaposing words with opposite connotations. Breakfast is one of the most beloved meals in any culture. Everybody loves breakfast, and waxes poetic about it. Folks declare the staples of breakfast–regardless of culture–to be the ultimates in comfort food. Leftovers, on the other hand, get a bum rap from most people. Fed one too […]

Garden Woes, Garden Grows

This has been a weird month of May. Last week, and part of the week before, we had a lot of rain and low temperatures–down to the forties and fifties some days and nights. We even had frost warnings and nights that the temperatures dropped down to the thirties. Needless to say, this has affected […]

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