On The Road Again…

Well, early in the morning today, Zak, Kat and I are on the road, heading toward a gathering of his family in Boston which he has entitled, “Mayday, Mayday, It’s the Kramers!” We’ll be gone all weekend and driving back on Monday, so look for a Meatless Monday post on Tuesday. I figured that would […]

Kitchen Gardens Grow Food and Families

Having grown up helping my grandparents tend their farm, I have a healthy respect for a good kitchen garden. I know exactly how much work goes into putting a garden together, how much time it takes to keep it going and how frustrating it can be when weather, bugs, and marauding raccoons do their level […]

Potassium-Happy Mixed Mushroom and Greens Masoor Dal

Yeah, I should’ve saved this for Meatless Monday. BUT, the truth of the matter is I cooked this dish back in January, so it’s waited this long and I decided it couldn’t wait any more. It’s just too tasty and nourishing, and while it was great in January, mushrooms are always in season and greens […]

Green Garlic Masala Chicken Curry

My favorite dish at Reethika in Columbus is their Green Chicken Curry. Mrs. Reddy makes hers with coconut milk, and it is a haunting, complex, aromatic version of a South Indian favorite. While I didn’t want to copy her curry completely, I did want to use it as a starting point to make my own […]

Meatless Monday: Hadar’s Stir Fried Tofu, Bok Choy Carrots and Radishes

This one is for my beloved Hadar, who asked last week for more meatless recipes. You know, I can be just as blinkered and blind as everyone else. Here I am priding myself on my culinary creativity and it turns out that until yesterday, I never really thought about cooking radishes. Why not? I dunno. […]

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