How to Read a Seed Packet

“Oh, boy,” you must be thinking to yourself right now. “Barbara’s lost her damned mind. Why does she want to write about reading seed packets? Any idiot can read the back of a seed packet….” Well, yes, and no. Really what this post is about is understanding the information that most seed companies put on […]

Untraditional Coconut Beef Curry

Note: This post is two years old, and for some unknown reason, was not published at the time. It was written back when I was still suffering from biliary dyskinesia, which is a fancy way of saying that my gallbladder didn’t work and hurt all the time, even though there were no gallstones in evidence. […]

Asparagus with Ghee, Cumin and Mustard

This should have been posted on Monday for Meatless Monday, but I forgot and posted about making tender kofta instead. Oh, well–call me a bad blogger this week and look for Meatless Monday coverage again next week. This dish is so simple and good that I decided not to wait until next week to post […]

The Successful Gardener’s Essential Tool

The greatest tool a kitchen gardener can have to ensure successful harvests is not a shovel, hoe, tractor or tiller. Though to be sure each of those tools are useful and necessary, none of them are the single most useful weapon in the gardener’s arsenal when it comes to getting good harvests year after year. […]

The Secret To Delightfully Tender Lamb Kofta

This technique is so simple, I almost feel silly writing about it. I only wish I had thought of it myself, but I have to admit to having read it in Niru Gupta’s slender but flavor-packed cookbook, Everyday Indian. And after having read it whilst perusing the book again a few weeks ago, I had […]

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