Tangier White Bean and Kale Soup: Poteje Tangirois

Working at Salaam has given me the opportunity to research the foods of the Middle East, North Africa, Greece, Turkey, and other countries all along the Silk Road. This is very exciting to me, because at the same time as I am researching recipes and cuisines for the restaurant, Zak is writing a novel which […]

The Shiksa’s At It Again: Sephardic Matzo Ball Soup

“Sephawhuh?” I am sure that thought is running through many folks’ minds when they read the title of this post, but be at peace, and let me explain a bit. “Sephardic”, is a term which refers to Jews from Italy and the Iberian Peninsula–meaning Spain and Portugal. It is one of the designations of Jews […]

The Shiksa Does Blintzes

The shiksa–that’s me. I call myself that because I am a goyim married to a Jewish fellow; however, I am told by all of Zak’s relatives that I most definately -am not- a shiksa. You see, “shiksa” is a derogatory term for a non-Jewish woman or girl. I don’t take it as a derogatory when […]

I Bet You Didn’t Know That Shiksas Had Balls….

The finished soup, ready to go forth and heal the sick. I have never seen it raise the dead, though it has come close. I will be the first to admit that most shiksas do not have balls. But this one does. Of course, this entire discussion is predicated upon the reader knowing what the […]

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