Super Quick Update

It looks like we will be here in Columbus for another week or so; but the news, other than that, is all to the good. Kat caught onto breastfeeding the day before yesterday and fed very well. Yesterday, a new order came from her doctor that I can give her up to every other feeding […]

The Kat in the Hat

First Picture of Kat

Hello, everyone. This is Kat, in the hospital in Columbus, getting treatments to make her lungs stronger, and her breathing better. No pictures of me yet, however! I am going up to Columbus tonight to be with her; Zak came and brought Morganna back so she could go to school tomorrow, and is picking me […]

News Flash!

This isn’t Barbara, but Zak. Barbara went into labor prematurely this morning, and, at 11:20am, after a less than 2 hour labor (!) Kat entered the world. Since Barbara was only 34 weeks or so along, the docs are concerned about Kat’s lungs, as she’s having trouble breathing on her own. They transferred her to […]

Back to School With Black Cardamom: The Spice is Right VI

Black Cardamom (Amomum subulatum) is one of those spices that I use rather often, but about which I don’t know much. I first encountered it in the kitchen of the Pakistani/ Bangladeshi couple who were my first personal chef clients. The box was marked in Hindi and transliterated Hindi (Hindi in English letters) as “Kali […]

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