From Food Porn To Food Cost: Balancing Profit with Creativity

One of the most fun parts of working as a chef is the creative puzzle of coming up with off-menu specials that will not only wow diners, but which keep food costs low. Food cost is something that every chef and line cook is acutely aware of–it is a fact of life in every restaurant, […]

Time Off For Quilting

So here’s the deal: Restaurant Salaam is closed for the week of Ohio University’s spring break so we can do renovations, cleaning, maintenance and have a bit of rest. This is pretty standard practice here in Athens–lots of restaurants close either for the entire break or part of it, so that employees can spruce the […]

Another Use For Caramelized Onions: Heather’s Pasta With Mushrooms and Peas

Deeply caramelized onions are not just good for Indian food: in my opinion, they improve nearly any recipe from any cuisine. I used to use browned onions as the basis for a sauce/gravy for meatloaf with Jamaican jerk spices that I made for my Pakistani personal chef clients, and they loed the sweetness and savor […]

Raita With Browned Onions and Greens

Here is another recipe using browned onions that is not a curry, which I made the other night. Raita is one of my favorite Indian dishes: yogurt-based, and served cold, it can be considered a salad, a relish, a side dish, a soothing breakfast, or a simple meal on its own with rice or bread, […]

What Can We Do With Those Browned Onions? Make Springtime Rice Pilau

So now that you know how to brown onions, what do you do with them? Are they only good for making curries? Well, of course not! They are good for making any number of Indian dishes, and, as an extra added bonus, they make nearly any other dish from any other cuisine taste even better […]

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