So, I was wondering what to talk about today, and was thinking about it, and then I was wandering the blogosphere, and hiked over to check out Becks & Posh, and saw that they are having a meme thingie that has to do with our favorite appliances/utensils and whatnots in the kitchen.And the idea is […]

A Blueberry Update

Well, as noted previously, in the post entitled, Am I Blue? my father’s stated opinion on blueberries is that they are his least favorite berry of all time. My mother simply said, “I hate them.” Which is all fine and dandy, except for the fact that I had baked a big batch of Blueberry Crumb […]

A Beef with the USDA

Some folks might think that it is weird choice for me to illustrate a post about the recent revelation of a second case of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) in the United States with photographs of the steak we had for dinner here last night. I mean, shouldn’t I be eschewing beef, and running out to […]

Am I Blue?

No, I am not blue, but my berries are. Saturday at the Farmer’s Market, the dance of the summer season is in full swing; while the flood of strawberries is starting to dwindle, the cherries are in their prime, and blueberries are just starting to appear in gorgeous array. The colors of blueberries are amazing. […]

Chinese Fermented Black Beans

A staple of the Chinese pantry, fermented black soy beans, also known as salted black beans, add a giant helping of flavor to a variety of foods. Some people seem to think that they are “stinky” or overly salty, but I don’t know what they are talking about–I love the smell of them and don’t […]

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