The blog is back!

Well, it was a nice idea. I (“I” in this case being Zak, not Barbara) tried to move the blog to, but Blogger didn’t feel like cooperating. At all. So, now that page has a redirect here until I figure something else out. I apologize for the mess. It could have been worse … […]

Folklife Festival and Food

So, after the weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market, I came back and scanned the New York Times online edition and found an article on the ongoing Smithsonian Folklife Festival. And suddenly, I am regretting that I no longer live close to Washington. This year, for the first time in its 39-year history, the Folklife […]

Cherry Memories

Sour cherries are my favorite fruit and always have been. Yes, even as much as I love strawberries, I love cherries even more. When I was a little girl, I never wanted Grandma to make me a birthday cake. When she asked me what kind of cake I wanted her to bake for my birthday, […]

Whispered Secrets of a Kitchen Tantrika

A batch of Aphrodite Cakes decoratively piled under a cake dome. The cake dome is to protect them from rapacious felines, friends and family who cannot wait until after dinner to taste them. So, a reader asked if my cookies were orgasmic, and I promised to answer in the next few days or so. They […]

Tandoori Chicken of a Different Color

Sindhi Elaichi Murgh–verdant with cilantro and redolent of the sweetness of cardamom and sparked with chile and black pepper, this Indian grilled chicken kebab is superior in flavor to most of the tandoori chicken I have had in restaurants. I adore the foods of India. Most of my experience has been with the foods of […]

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