CSA Today

Green goodness: a pile of goodies from the Athens Hills CSA. Salad mix includes red and green oak leaf lettuces and mizuna, among other good things. Also pictured are a big bunch of basil, a bunch of spearmint and lots of cilantro, a pile of sugar snap peas and a bunch of asparagus. So today […]

Pasta Primavera

The ingredients for my lemon pasta primavera. Everything except the lemon is locally grown. It all begins at the farmer’s market Saturday morning. The sun was bright, the air was warm and breezy, and the parking lot upon which the tents and awnings had been staked was filled with a teeming throng of shoppers, people-watchers, […]

The Empire Strikes Back

I find it to be so interesting that local control and individual freedom are upheld as patriotic, core American values by talking heads in our country until issues like gay marriage, the USA PATIOT act and local control of the food supply come into focus. Then, suddenly, we have Constitutional amendments, pleas to keep the […]

Summer is a comin’ in

Summertime, and desserts are easy: Strawberry Rose ice cream with more strawberries on top. Homemade, low sugar and simple, that is, if you have an ice cream maker. Okay, I know that technically, it isn’t summer yet. Summer doesn’t start until after the summer solstice, which is coming up in a couple of weeks or […]

Mad About Mulberries

Here is what mulberries look like up close and personal. Moving into a house is a voyage of discovery. Living in a thirty-something odd year old house for the first couple of months is like an archeological dig–you are always finding things. Stuff you didn’t know was there, and there is a surprise around every […]

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