Sewing And Craft Projects Part Two: The Totoro Apron

This second installment of my weekly posts on my sewing, quilting and crafts projects features the Totoro apron that I made for Kat for Christmas, which she wants to wear all the time. It was really easy to make–the apron itself took me only a couple of hours to cut and sew together. It is […]

Dahi Malai Methi Gosht: Creamy Lamb Curry With Yogurt and Fenugreek Greens

When the first really bad storm of this winter hit Athens, I decided we needed something to really warm us up. So, for the two days we sat in the house while snow, freezing rain, ice, then snow again fell over our quiet little corner of Southeastern Ohio, I stirred up pot after pot of […]

Lamb With Curry Leaves, Lime Pickle and Yogurt

This curry was inspired by a recipe I found in Raghavan Iyer’s book, 660 Curries. His version is simpler than mine–the seasonings were only mango pickles and garlic paste, and he used a little less yogurt than I did, but it sounded so tasty, I just had to take the basic idea and run rampant […]

Kali Dal Makhani

This recipe comes to you by request of my dear friend Heather, who, when she visited this weekend past, said to me, “Please publish your kali dal recipe. I have tried everyone else’s recipe and none of them taste as good as yours.” So, Heather, this one is for you. There are about a bazillion […]

On The Subject of Tea: Puer

Although we do drink a fair amount of coffee in the morning at our house, the signature beverage here is actually tea. I know this to be true because we have more varieties of tea in our cupboard than we do coffee. And though we do have many types of tea which that we enjoy, […]

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