Pork & Nail Polish: Two Great Tastes?

So, I was on Salon the other day, reading Broadsheet, which is their blog on women’s issues, when my eye was drawn by the headline: “How do you sell a pork chop to a woman?” I clicked on the link to Copyranter’s coverage of an ad that appears in the current issue of Martha Stewart […]

From 660 Curries: Khoya Muttar Gosht–Creamy Lamb Curry With Peas

When I was a kid, I used to hate peas. It had to do with eating them from a can–they taste so utterly vile and wretched that way that I cannot blame my younger self for despising them. And then, even when the peas were fresh or frozen, through most of my childhood, they were […]

Book Review: 660 Curries

Why did I pick up 660 Curries, even though I have over thirty or so Indian cookbooks already, many of them outlining various regional cuisines? I have to admit that I bought it because the author, Raghavan Iyer, a former chef, was named IACP (International Association Culinary Professionals) 2004 Teacher of the Year. IACP’s standards […]

Dal of the Day: Rajma Dal

This recipe is my own, and does not reflect any “authentic” tradition from any part of India, even though the ingredients, techniques and execution are quite Indian, and results in a very authentic and delicious flavor. I started making dals at Salaam almost from the first day I worked there, not only because I love […]

Doin’ The Dal Thang

I have always loved lentils and dried beans. I think that it is because when I was growing up and we were on the lower end of the lower-middle class spectrum, we ate a lot of meals where dried beans and lentils were the centerpiece. Navy bean soup with a hambone, carrots, celery and onions, […]

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