The Landscape Quilt Is Finished

I finished my first landscape quilt Thursday night, in a flurry of hand-stitching. The binding, the hanging sleeve, and the label, the one that identifies it by its title, my name, and the date, all are sewn by hand. I was surprised at how quickly I could stitch all of it. Then, yesterday, afternoon, I […]

My First Landscape Quilt

I got invited to display some of my quilts in a local exhibit starting on May 15. I wanted to make something completely new for it, and I had a lot of really beautiful hand-dyed fabrics, so I decided to make a landscape quilt. The view on the quilt is inspired by bits and pieces […]

My Next Quilt: Claire’s Flowers

I have a newly born third cousin, named Claire Marie, and I decided that I wanted to make a quilt for her. And I was thrilled to hear that the colors of her nursery were not pastel pinky-lilac-minty-sky. They were, instead, deep, vibrant colors–scarlet, deep yellow, true green and bright blue. I was thrilled because […]

Morganna’s Quilt II–The Finished Photos

I promised that I would take some photos of Morganna’s quilt after she came home for Spring Break, so here they are. This one shows the overall effect, including the backing fabric, which is another batik that has nearly all of the colors of the quilt included in it, except for the black, indigo, clear […]

This Week’s Sewing Project: Kat’s Patchwork Dress

This sweet little dress is probably the most complicated garment I have made in years. Which is sad, because it is really simple! I made it using this pattern–Little Charmers from Indygo Junction. As is usual, I changed it considerably from the way it was written. The pattern calls for much more fabric, and much […]

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