Seared Tuna a l’Indienne

First of all, this is not a traditional Indian fish dish. That is why it has a French name, not an Indian one. It is an original recipe using traditional Indian elements such as dal, chutney and papad, put together by me in untraditional ways. I have to admit that the idea for this dinner […]

Weekend Whale Blogging: “. . . from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.”

Okay, really, I cannot imagine the cheerful plastic Ahab who is sitting on Schmoo’s back saying that, but still. It is a great quote. And a tagline for a great photograph, courtesy of Brittany and Morganna. I would say poor Schmoo, but really, he didn’t care that he was having stuff placed upon his person […]

Adapted From 660 Curries: Methi Gosht–Lamb With Fenugreek Greens

I absolutely love the flavor of methi greens. They are lightly bitter, but with the sweet fragrance of newly-mown hay which I find to be irresistible. It is a delectable combination, and I discovered when I made this recipe that methi greens make a perfect foil for the rich sweetness of braised cubes of lamb […]

Fried Catfish Japanese Style

I am never going to pan fry cat fish in the Southern manner again. As much as I love the cornmeal-dredged classic recipe I grew up with, I have discovered that I prefer the Japanese way of pan-frying better. This is the method used to make tonkatsu–pan fried thin boneless pork cutlets with the most […]

Catering A Vegetarian Wedding With Local Food

When Sonia Marcus, the chair of the Communication Committee of the Ohio University Eco House, started planning her wedding, she decided that she wanted all of the food to not only be beautiful and delicious, but locally grown and produced as well. This choice fits perfectly with her own life philosophy of living as green […]

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