Seduction on a Plate: Fraises a l’Aziz

Inspiration for a new dish often strikes me in odd moments. Some flavor combinations come to me in dreams, if you can believe that. Others lay in wait in my subconscious mind and pop out in the midst of a conversation about an unrelated topic. The kernel of the idea for this appetizer, which consists […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Schmoo And Totoro

I feel like this photograph needs little in the way of comment. You all know Schmoo. And I would hope that you know Totoro. This is what happens when the two meet. (I would like to thank Brittany and her quick reflexes for this photograph. I was at work when she took it.)

Athens Community Gardens Popularity Soaring

Last night while Kat was asleep on my lap, I decided to read the local newspaper online. I was thrilled to see the featured front page article was on the rapid growth in the popularity of Community Food Initiatives’ community gardens here in Athens. Garden plots allotted this year in the West Side gardens rose […]

Experimenting With White Whole Wheat Flour: Cherry Pie

I’ve been meaning to try baking with King Arthur Flour’s white whole wheat flour for quite some time. White whole wheat flour is ground from a different variety of wheat–hard white winter wheat, to be exact–than the usual whole wheat flour which comes from hard red winter wheat. Lacking the tannin that comes with the […]

My Take On The Toque

You know, I am going to own up to something right here and right now: I utterly loathe and despise the toque, which is the proper name of the classic chef’s hat. Whether it is tall and straight sided with a bazillion pleats which mythically refer to the number of ways a proper chef knows […]

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