Americans Return to the Garden

After I wrote a post in May entreating Americans to return to our roots and once again become “a nation of farmers” by growing at least part of our food on whatever spot of earth we can find to cultivate, I was amazed at how strongly my ideas seemed to resonate with readers. Yesterday as […]

Tiny New Potatoes And Garlic Scapes With Panch Phoron

When I saw these tiny, marble-sized new potatoes at the farmer’s market, I had to have them, not only because they reminded me of my childhood, which they did. Potatoes this small are sweet with a marvelous waxy texture that is beautiful either braised in a sauce or parboiled and then sauteed with seasonings. You […]

Vegan Parenting Under Fire–Again

I am beginning to wonder if the New York Times editorial board (the folks who write editorials, select freelance Op-Ed pieces and who maintain The Opinionator blog) hate vegans. Last year, the Times published an anti-vegan screed by Nina Planck in which she shrilly likens feeding children a vegan diet to child abuse in response […]

Worth Cracking a Coconut: Murghi Hara Masala (From 660 Curries)

This recipe comes from Raghavan Iyer’s sister’s neighbor in Mumbai, and it is a fabulous combination of flavors and aromas. Imagine fresh mint and cilantro, fresh coconut, yogurt and garam masala cooked into a thick yellow-hued curry with sauce that clings to the strips of chicken breast. I did add some whole spices to the […]

Is Local Food Healthier?

New York Times health blogger, Tara Parker-Pope, posted about a new two-year study to be undertaken at the University of North Carolina to determine the public health impact of consumers moving toward a diet composed of more locally grown and produced foods. This study will be the first to look at the health implications of […]

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