Panch Phoran

I dream in color. I have always dreamed in color. I have always dreamed of India, and when I dream of that place I have never been, it always is filled with color, and light and motion and music. The brilliance of an azure sky, and the dappled shade beneath mango trees. The twining pepper […]

From India’s Vegetarian Cooking: Smoky Lentils With Tomato

When I reviewed Monisha Bharadwaj’s excellent book India’s Vegetarian Cooking: A Regional Guide, I wanted to be certain to try a recipe from each of the broad geographic areas covered in the book. So, I presented recipes from the north, the east and the west, and now, it comes time to present one from the […]

Vegan Dry-Fried String Beans With Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms

Back when I was a personal chef, a couple of my clients were vegans. This presented a challenge to me which I welcomed; it allowed me to work at learning how to make vegan versions of common recipes such as lasagne with bechamel sauce, cream of mushroom soup and spaghetti with “meat” balls. However, my […]

The Best Laid Plans of Moms and Babes….

Yeah, I have been lax at posting for the past several days. All is well. Kat just had a spot of the tummy issues, and so has not slept much at night. Which means Mom hasn’t slept much at night. And there has been a seemingly endless round of medications, vet visits, and cleanups from […]

Is Chinese Food Unhealthy?

According to a new study from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, food served in Chinese restaurants has unacceptable levels of fat and sodium for the average American diner who is trying to follow a healthy diet. This report has hit the Associated Press and has traveled all over the press and the […]

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