Fomenting Fermentation Fun: Purple Sauerkraut

Long ago, when I was a kid, my Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Uncle John and I made at least a hundred pounds of sauerkraut. And no, that wasn’t even the German side of my family. That would be my Dad’s family, but oddly, he and many of his siblings despise sauerkraut and apparently never developed a […]

I Hope You Like Jammin’ Too

‘Cause I been doin’ a lotta jammin,’ and I wanna jam it wid you. Last year, I only made strawberry jam, and I THOUGHT I made enough for last at least part way through the winter, with something like 12 half pints, but I was so wrong. WRONG because Zak liked it so much that […]

Meatless Monday: Three Sisters Succotash

Succotash is one of those dishes that sounds like a joke. You know, like when Sylvester says, “Thsufferin’ thsuccotasth.” It just doesn’t sound like anything that anyone would really eat. But yes, people do eat it and it is very good. But where did it get that outlandish name? It isn’t outlandish at all–I mean […]

Farming In The City

Farming in the city doesn’t sound as, well, sexy as “Sex In The City,” but it is still a catchy title. As most of my longtime readers know, I grew up half in the city and half on a farm. On the weekdays, I lived in Charleston, West Virginia, where I attended the closest things […]

How Local Can You Realistically Go?

I want you to look at that delicious bowl of pasta pictured here. This is what I tossed together for dinner tonight, because it was quick, easy and nutritious, and all of the ingredients except the pasta, olive oil, salt, Parmesan cheese and Aleppo pepper were local. Very local, in fact–everything else was grown right […]

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