Baby Beets With Balsamic Honey Glaze and Garam Masala

When I was a little girl growing up on my grandparent’s farm, my least favorite vegetable was beets. I loathed and despised them–I thought that they tasted like dirt. Paradoxically, I used to love helping Grandma can and freeze the bounty of our gardens (every year we grew two one-acre plots–enough to feed the entire […]

Ruminations on Life, Death, and Life Again

There is a reason I haven’t written anything since Monday. Even though I had planned several posts, I found that I couldn’t write them. On Monday, my Mom told me that my Uncle John will be selling my grandparents farm, or rather, what is left of it, and moving away. As she told me over […]

It’s Storytime: My Dad and the Cow

This is a true story I’m about to tell you. I know it’s true, because while I wasn’t yet born, I have heard the story, over and over, told by all the participants, my whole life. It is an illustration of the sort of people my parents were, and a glimpse at the kind of […]

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