Half-Local: Penne With Chicken, Asparagus, Mushrooms and Fresh Chevre

It isn’t so hard to eat locally during the winter, that is, if you plan ahead and put food by while it is in season. Canning tomatoes, making jellies, jams and preserves, freezing marinara sauce, pesto and making and canning salsa, and drying and freezing herbs all help families eat the bounty of a local […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Schmoo In His Natural Habitat

Yes, I just had an old photo of Schmoo as my illustration for the last post, the one about books. So, why am I posting this one I took earlier this week? So you can see how much Schmoo has grown. And, so you can see him in his natural habitat–the bathroom sink. I think […]

Weekend Book Blogging: Paperback Swap

I just found this website, which I am sure lots of you already know about, but hey, I didn’t, so I am going to share. There have to be plenty of other unaware folks out on the Internet besides myself. Anyway, it is an online book swap. What you do is register on the site, […]

Onions Added Twice Curry: Lamb Dopiaza

From what I understand, “dopiaza” is a Persian word that means either “two onions” or “twice onions.” In some dopiaza recipes, it is obvious that the name refers to using twice as many onions as possible. In others, it is apparent, that it means onions are added in two different stages. In mine, it means […]

Evil Genius Food Porn: Bacon-Filled Waffles With Chili-Fried Apples

This dish is so good, yet so bad for you. There really ought to be a law against this kind of cooking. In fact, I reckon that there used to be a law against such things, back in the day when churchmen were so worried about the status of everyone’s mortal souls that laws were […]

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