The Whole Enchilada Part III: The Tortillas

The soul of the enchiladas isn’t the sauce, nor is it the filling. It is the simple, humble tortilla. Which is why I don’t make enchiladas with store-bought tortillas anymore. To put it bluntly, they suck. They taste like soggy cardboard and have a mealy texture. There is nothing about them that evokes the flavor […]

More Food in the News

Lunch Doesn’t Have to Suck More schools and universities seem to be jumping on the sustainable, local agriculture bandwagon. Yet another story hits the New York Times on the subject of public and private schools seeking locally grown alternatives to the products of corporate agriculture. One reason cited for the growth of this trend is […]

The Whole Enchilada Part II: Filling and Fixin’s

I like shredded meat fillings in enchiladas, which I will often mix with beans or strips of fire roasted poblano chiles. For vegetarian fillings, I will use the beans and poblano strips, mixed perhaps with roasted sweet bell pepper strips, and sauteed bitter greens like kale or collards. No matter what filling I use, there […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Grimalkin

Here is Grimalkin, also known as Grimmy, Grimble, Grimblkins, Grimsy and Gimblekitten. You have seen my round busybody girl cat here before. For such a round cat, Grimmy is certainly acrobatic, however, in today’s photo, she is just sitting on a box which contains some shelves that should be assembled and hanging on the wall […]

The Whole Enchilada Part I: The Sauce

I used to make enchilada’s “from scratch–” meaning I took store bought corn tortillas, doctored a can of store-bought sauce, made a filling out of some sort of meat and shredded cheese and wrapped the tortillas around the filling, poured the sauce over, dumped shredded cheese in and baked it and called it “home-made.” Yeah, […]

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