Weekend Cat Blogging: Grimalkin

Here is Grimalkin, also known as Grimmy, Grimble, Grimblkins, Grimsy and Gimblekitten. You have seen my round busybody girl cat here before.

For such a round cat, Grimmy is certainly acrobatic, however, in today’s photo, she is just sitting on a box which contains some shelves that should be assembled and hanging on the wall above my keyboard in my office, but currently are useful as a cat platform. She is peering around my desk; it is her favorite place to sleep and keep me company when I write.

I hate to take it away from her, which is my excuse for not building the shelves.

The real reason is that they are going to be beastly to build, but Grimmy’s continued happy presence gives me a really good reason to procrastinate.

That is also where I set cookbooks to wait between being looked through and then reshelved.

Grimalkin is my helper cat–she helps me write by sitting in front of my computer screen or delicately picking her way across the keyboard on the way to my lap. She plays fetch with little mousey toys and goes through phases where she is a cuddle bug and where she wants to have nothing to do with anyone. She is extremely playful, though and has fun no matter what she is doing.

Right now she is in the same place on the box, curled up asleep.

I bet she is dreaming of mousies.

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  1. What a cutie and I like the way she hangs out with you while you work. Mine will sleep on the window ledge next to my pc. My shelves are too full of books for them to sleep in!

    Comment by boo_licious — August 28, 2005 #

  2. Thanks, Boo. The cutie in question is at her post again; she likes to spend her days in my office, close to where I am working. If I go off into the kitchen to cook, she follows me there and gives me her opinion on everything.

    Her favorite chore, however, is laundry. Why–I have no idea. But she likes to get up on the washing machine and watch all the pieces of clothing go in, and once they are all in, she pats them with her paw like she is squishing them down into the machine.

    She’s a really odd cat.

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — August 30, 2005 #

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