Knives are Dangerous

This morning, I got up early, not because I intended to, but because I have been getting up early for the past four mornings. I have been impersonating a morning-person so that I could let the contractors into the house in order that they could finally finish their work; now my brain is trained to […]

Will Write For Food

I have returned from my partially enforced, partially voluntary writing hiatus, and thought it might be nice to warn my readers that I have a few ideas bubbling in the caudron of my mind for taking this blog in a few different directions from this entry forth. I started this blog in large measure just […]

Home Again

This is Springheel Jack, happily meditating on my lap. We have returned from our sojourn in Tennessee, and my uncle is feeling better and for the first time in three weeks, is going out of the critical care unit into a more regular hospital room. He is not fully recovered, but he is much, much […]

I will be gone for a while….

I just got a call from a relative; Zak and I are going to have to go out of town in support of someone who is very ill and needs us. So, Tigers and Strawberries will be uncommonly quiet until I get back. Thanks to all my loyal readers, friends and family. I hope to […]

Dumpling Duds

From far away, they don’t look too bad. But they still were not right. I discovered something night before last. When you have a fever, you really shouldn’t try out a new recipe, especially one that requires numeric memory and nimble fingers. Yes, I have the flu, but I decided that even though I had […]

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